Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sewing Tools

My plan is to start some sewing again with YCMI the beginning of next year, sometime around the beginning of January. My goal is to blog my experience and review of this learning course, also I want to show others there are ways to learn when you can't always go to a class. Just recently I found some youtube videos I think are pretty good for learning to sew and recommend. I'll post the videos over time and also include them when I think they might be relevant to a garment, post, or technique.

So first up, sewing tools, just like in the YCMI series you start off with learning about the different sewing tools you need and the difference.

Until next time, happy sewing...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It Only Took Me A Year... And A Few Months

Okay so it has taken me almost 14 months to get back into things here and with YCMI, but this time I plan to keeps things flowing and also work on making it more informative when it comes to my review of this program. Also because I do recommend it as a way for those who like me have busy lives, don't have local classes or schools we can't go to and the many other reasons we may, I'm going to update my reviews  and make a few other changes around here. So that means I'll be starting from the beginning again since this time I'm also going to do the extra skills that are not included with the garment for each level. I'm giving myself a start date of around January 2013 to start since I will need time to get new fabric and supplies. Also I have changed some of my patterns that I plan to use but they will still meet the criteria for each level which I will post on each levels page and sidebar. Until then I'll be updating my blog and the levels so you can get some info about this program and making the site a bit more easier to use.

Until then , happy sewing...