Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Level 2 Fabric & Pattern

I'm to stick as close to the program as possible, so finding a fabric with a one way design in a weight suitable for this pattern just was not happening so I just went with came as close as possible. I found this grey denim with painted flowers with glitter edging. I have not pretreated my fabric yet  so I'm not sure how well the paint and glitter will hold up to washing. When working with denim you need to wash and dry your fabric at least 3 times before using to get rid of any shrinking it will do.
For this time around with the program I tried to use only BurdaStyle magazine patterns since I want to use them a lot more in my sewing. But when it came to the requirements for this pattern I could not find one from the magazine so a envelop pattern it was. For this level I'll be using BurdaStyle 8765.

Until next time, happy sewing...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Level 1 Complete

There is level is a pretty good start for anyone who has not sewn in awhile or new to sewing clothing with a pattern. It explains almost everything a beginner sewer would need to start making clothes with a pattern. I say almost because they fail to mention prepping your fabric and also finishing your seams. She puts effort into wanting  you to make your garment to look clean on the inside with a neat hem and waistband casing but not the seams. For me I used my serger to finish the raw edges inside.
Another thing which I have learned over the years is directional sewing, this is very important in keeping your seams even and neat. Here you can see the chapter on it from Susan Khalje's book Cotton and Linen

I tried to keep as close to the program as possible this time around, using the recommended fabric and notions unlike the first time when I started this. But when it came to getting the hem tape I was in a rush and could only find bias tape. So a hong kong hem finish it was. I did use a plain pink stretch linen for the skirt.
Both sides of the hem

Skirt complete. It looks better on me.

Here it is with a t-shirt draft I'm working on.

Until next time, happy sewing...

Friday, May 3, 2013

Level 1 Pink Skirt

So I'm finally restarting my YCMI program goals, I was hoping to start a little earlier but ran into some fabric problems since I'm trying to stick as close to the program as possible. Living in a place where women can not drive and having an already busy family schedule, things just don't always work out the way you plan. Also I was without internet service for a few weeks so that too also kept me from starting since I want to blog my experience as I went along.

First up is BurdaStyle 07/2010-138 in pink stretch linen. A few weeks ago on my other blog I talked about trying out pink with a pink maxi skirt, so when I saw this pink linen I already had a pattern in mind. I will not be doing the bottom casing as you see in the line drawings and instead lenghening it and eliminating the back seam.

I have prepped my fabric, my pattern is traced, seam allowance added, and now I need to set up my machines and then I'll be ready to sew.

Until next time, happy sewing...